Keep the balance

I’m currently writing (or more accurately co-writing) a book on productivity improvement in the retail sector. It seems that retailers have broadly ‘got it right’ … they work hard at productivity improvement … but they always maintain a balance with … Continue reading

Snake Oil

If you read lots of press releases … as I do (yes, I know I should ‘get a life’), you soon realise that just about everything is claimed to improve productivity. Most often such ‘stories’ relate to what is termed ‘personal productivity’ … the kind of ‘productivity’ … Continue reading

Should we move back to manufacturing?

Most countries go through a development cycle from Agriculture to Manufacturing and then on to Services. However many services are labour intensive … and therefore dramatic productivity gains are difficult Productivity in manufacturing industry can be transformed using technology and automation. Does,this mean that those countries that have moved through manufacturing to services (UK?) are at a disadvantage … Continue reading


Anyone who has practiced 5S will know the value of tidiness and cleanliness. Yet, all too often we see dirty, untidy workplaces … creating inefficiency. Wherever you see untidiness, think “This is costing me money” and you might start to … Continue reading