Turn off

Recently I talked about value – and the fact that it is not a straightforward phenomenon.  What I didn’t mention in that piece was the topic of what you value … personally. Presumably if you are reading this, one if … Continue reading

Fit for Work

There are lots of blogs written about topics such as a The 7 habits of the Superperformers, suggesting we can learn from what successful business people and entrepreneurs do to make them successful. Well, we can. But the (one) secret … Continue reading

Definer success

I saw someone suggesting the other day that increased private  investment in (private) education would improve its productivity. think this is debatable. As in many other areas, it depends on how you define and measure productivity. We all know that … Continue reading

Too Remote?

Remote or distance working (often referred to as ‘working from home’) has become increasingly popular over the last decade. There is no doubt that fir many job roles, the technology exists to facilitate such working. Access to company data and … Continue reading