Is it too essy?

Most of the world is slowly emerging from some form of lockdown. It is still too early to establish what the ‘new normal’ looks like – how have people’s habits changed due to the enforced period of isolation?  Many people will … Continue reading

No Difference

If, like most, people, you have been  working from home for the last few weeks, you will no doubt have participated in (endured?) a number of online meetings. Presumably, therefore, you will have a list of things that you should do … Continue reading

Lessons of home working

Many people have been working from home for a few weeks – presumably with varying degrees of efficiency and effectiveness. Those companies that had detailed and up-to-date disaster recovery plans might have planned for such a scenario – a disaster … Continue reading

Unprecedented Times

‘Unprecedented’ is certainly the word of 2020 (apart from Coronavirus, of course)  – well, it is in the UK.  Every commentator talks about ‘these unprecedented times’. And, of course, we are living in unprecedented times. Economies around the world are … Continue reading