Index of Network Partners


  / Country Organization  
  Botswana National Productivity Center  
  Egypt Productivity & Vocational Training Dept, Ministry of Industry & Mineral Resources  
  Ethiopia Ethiopian Management Institute  
  Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration  
  Mauritius National Productivity & Competitiveness Council  
  Nigeria National Productivity Center  
  South Africa productivitySA  
  Tanzania National Productivity Council  
  Tanzania Productivity & Development Trust  
  Zambia Ministry of Labour and Social Security  
  Zimbabwe National Productivity Centre  
  Brazil Cidada Universitaria  
  Canada Conseil Canadien de la Competitivite  
  Chile Universidad del Mar  
  Colombia Centro Nacional de Productividad  
  Costa Rica Centro de Productividad Nacional  
  Peru Ministry of Industry  
  USA Institute of Industrial Engineers  
  USA Central Asian Productivity Research Center  
  Australia Southern Cross University  
  China Chinese Association of Productivity Science  
  Hong Kong Hong Kong Productivity Council  
  India Delhi Productivity Council  
  Indonesia Jakarta International Business Institute  
  Japan Japan Management Association  
  Malaysia National Productivity Corporation  
  Mongolia National Productivity & Development Centre  
  Nepal Nepal Industrial Development Corporation  
  Pakistan National Productivity Organization  
  Phillipines Productivity & Development Center  
  Singapore Standards, Productivity & Innovation Board  
  Sri Lanka Association of the Advancement of Productivity & Quality  
  Thailand Thai Carbon Black plc  
  Barbados National Productivity Council  
  Cyprus Cyprus Productivity Centre  
  Estonia Tallinn Technical University  
  Finland Finnish Work Environment Fund  
  Germany REFA-International  
  Greece University of Piraeus  
  Iceland Technological Institute of Iceland  
  Ireland Irish Institute of Industrial Engineers  
  Norway Excellence Norway  
  Norway Foundation for Research in Economics and Business Administration  
  Poland Polish Productivity Centre  
  Portugal Univeristy of Aveiro, Department of Economics, Management & Industrial Engineering  
  Slovak Republic Slovak Productivity Centre  
  Sweden Ekonomistyrning AB  
  Turkey National Productivity Center  
  Ukraine Productivity Centre  
  United Kingdom Institute of Management Services  
    Institute of Productivity  
Middle East    
  Iran National Productivity Organization of Iran  
  Israel Israel Institute of Technology