World Congress

The World Productivity Congress is the premier global convention dealing with productivity development. It is organized on a partnership basis between the World Confederation of Productivity Science and a host organization which is normally a Network Partner of the WCPS.

The Congress brings together a distinguished group of leading businessmen, industrialists, scholars, politicians, administrators and productivity experts from around the globe and from all sectors of industry, commerce and public service. It is this breadth of expertise and experience that makes the Congress an important event for shaping future governmental approaches to productivity development, and for shaping future organizational strategies.

Though each Congress has a particular theme, and specific sub-themes or tracks around which the program is structured, the Congress is industry-neutral. Similarly, though a particular Congress may – for obvious reasons connected with its geographic location – include particular elements relating to a particular region or nation, the Congress is essentially geographically-neutral.

Presentations at the Congress include both invited presentations (keynotes and plenary sessions) and presentations resulting from a Call for Papers to the academic and business communities.


The next Congress will be held in Chengdu, China on the theme of

Innovation Driving World Productivity Development

It is hard to imagine a more important time to convene in China to explore strategies to fulfill the WCPS mission to “enhance peace and prosperity through productivity”.  The combined effects of rapid technology advancement, globalisation and climate change continue to disrupt nations and economies across the world. These forces create opportunities for nations and regions able to adapt and increase threats for those that cannot. The failures of globalisation to improve the lives of many people have contributed to the rise of nationalist leaders who reject multinational initiatives to address issues such as poverty reduction, climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons.  Our host country China faces its own internal challenges while it launches its trillion-dollar effort to share its economic and technological power with nations around the world through its Belt and Road Initiative.

We have the opportunity in Chengdu to explore how innovation and productivity improvement strategies can be focused to raise the standard of living of people in China and across the globe. Key areas of focus of this World Congress will include:
(1) The Impetus of Innovation and World Productivity Development;

(2) China’s Economic Transformation and Upgrading and World Economic Recovery;

(3) The Construction and Development of the One Belt-One Road Productivity Drive

(4) A New Path to Higher Productivity;

(5) Free Trade Zones; and

(6) The Construction of Innovative Cities and the Promotion of International Influence.

One of the key topics within the New Path to Higher Productivity will include a focus on the Collective Sharing of resources, knowledge and technology within and between nations.  We will address the forces that impede and accelerate our ability to achieve effective sharing as an enabler of innovation and productivity improvement.

Dates will  confirmed shortly.  Plan to arrive early and/or remain after the Congress to experience more of the wonders of China and the region.


For brief details of all past Congresses (listed below), please go to the Congress Archive. (This will open in  a separate window/tab.  Simply close this when finished.)

  • 2017 Bahrain
  • 2015 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 2010 Antalya, Turkiye
  • 2008 Sun City, South Africa
  • 2006 Shenyang, China
  • 2001 Hong Kong/Beijing China
  • 1999 Edinburgh Scotland
  • 1997 Santiago Chile
  • 1995 Istanbul Turkey
  • 1993 Stockholm Sweden
  • 1990 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • 1988 Montreal Canada
  • 1986 Jakarta Indonesia
  • 1984 Oslo Norway
  • 1981 Detroit USA
  • 1977 Sydney Australia
  • 1974 Bombay India
  • 1969 London United Kingdom