Board of Directors

Mr. John Heap
Managing Director of the Institute of Productivity in the United Kingdom, President of the European Association of National Productivity Centres  and co-editor of the International Journal of Productivity & Performance Management

Dr. Sunil Abrol`
President, Institute for Consultancy and Productivity Research, New Delhi, India

Professor Mike Dillon
Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Productivity in the UK; Senior Research Fellow at Grinsby Institute of Further & Higher Education, UK & Secretary, IAFI – International Association of Seafood Professionals

Dr. Akbar Jaffari
Chief Executive, JAFCON Consultants for Productivity Improvement, Bahrain

Mr. Chen Shengchang
Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the Chinese Association of Productivity Science, based in Beijing

Dr. Thomas C. Tuttle
President, The Tuttle Group International, based in the USA

Mr. Peter Watkins
President-Watkins Professional Services Inc; Executive Advisor Office of the Chairman,TeleTech

Anil Yilmaz
Director General, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Directorate General Productivity, Turkey

Dr. Michael Shepherd, Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Professor Don Taylor
Charles O. Gordon Professor and Department Head in the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) at Virginia Tech.

Ms Linda Carbone
Executive Secretary 

World Network of Productivity Organizations
President (and Vice-President of WCPS) Mr. Peter Watkins
Vice-Presidents Professor Mike Dillon, Mr. Chen Shengchang, Dr. George L. Smith

World Academy of Productivity Science
President (and Vice-President of WCPS) Dr. Thomas C. Tuttle
Vice-Presidents Dr. Sunil Abrol, Mr Chen Shengchang